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【Crafting Beef Balls】Rich in protein | The hair is so beautiful | Eat fresh at room temperature

【Crafting Beef Balls】Rich in protein | The hair is so beautiful | Eat fresh at room temperature

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Safe to eat under high pressure and high temperature sterilization

Vacuum-packed/ready-to-eat <br>All age cats can eat

"feature of product"

★Beef - natural iron supplement, high-quality protein
★Collagen - protects joints, maintains skin elasticity and promotes wound healing
★It can be fed as a snack or mixed with the staple food, the taste is even more outstanding!

"Food Ingredients"

Ingredients: beef, collagen, protein

"Product specifications"

Packaging specifications: weight 100g±2% (please use physical products as the main products)

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Shelf life: 18 months (unopened)

After opening, please finish eating as soon as possible. If you have not finished eating, it is recommended to pour it into a solid container, cover it and put it in the refrigerator to avoid food toxins.

"Little Reminder"

1. Edible method: This product can be eaten directly (snacks are not staple foods, please give them to fur children as appropriate)

2. Applicable objects: suitable for all dogs and cats, puppies or kittens are recommended to be eaten after 3 months.

3. There are no preservatives added to this product. If there is swelling, incomplete sealing or peculiar smell after opening, please stop eating immediately.

4. This product is all handmade, and the natural color, shape and size are different, which is a normal phenomenon, please forgive me.

5. Precautions: When using this product, fur kids should chew it properly to avoid injury.

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