Feel the Rubber Feel the Rubber!

With the understanding and persistence of the excellent quality of natural rubber, fipper has always insisted on using pure natural rubber imported from Thailand from the sole to the laces to provide customers with a soft and comfortable wearing feeling. With the understanding of natural rubber and the special exclusive formula, fipper has the characteristics of using natural rubber even for shoelaces. From the old-fashioned blue and white slippers that can only be seen at street stalls, to the household name that attracts crowds of foreign tourists, fipper has become a must-buy item in Malaysia.

Why Customers Love Fipper

1. Insist on high-cost 100% natural rubber from the sole to the laces
2. Anti-skid and wear-resistant, bacteria are not easy to adhere
3. Rubber shoelaces are not easy to break
4. Does not contain bisphenol A and has passed the SGS inspection
5. Environmental protection, affordable fashion

100% natural rubber sandals are stretchy and feel like walking on clouds. Compared to other brands, our slippers are not only practical, but also stylish and affordable. Our loyal fan base can definitely "feel the rubber" the difference that sets us apart from our competitors.

Because our classic yet vibrant designs offer a modern twist to the natural rubber experience. Our flip-flops and sandals also feature extra arch support and a non-slip sole, making them an effortless blend of comfort and style, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Fipper Taiwan

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Monday - Friday, 10am - 6pm


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